Wednesday, 4 August 2010

NY keeps Cool

It's a very simple concept. There aren't that many places to swim in New York. And Dumpsters are everywhere; they're ubiquitous.

The company behind this project are Macro Sea who are currently
working to transform and energize ordinary, underutilized urban spaces; to continue promoting public utility and community involvement in unexpected places and ways.
The Dumpsters were donated, the designers were recruited through Craigslist, erected by volunteers and the furniture is from Ikea. Main cost was the wood decking and water. Total cost $1200.

I wanted to do it on Park Avenue because it's the ultimate contradiction. It will be wild to see people swimming on Park Avenue, near Grand Central, in bathing suits - shocking.
It's warm enough to go swimming outside?! I am so jealous!


  1. A great and simple concept!
    I turned on the heat this morning... no swimming here in Holland for the last past week...

  2. Same here! Windows are closed and it was chilly last night in our flat. Haven't seen the sun in days!!



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