Monday, 16 August 2010

Slighe a'Ghlinne Mhòir

This is where I do my bit for the Scottish Tourist Board...and bore you with my holiday snaps!

Fishing on Loch Oich

Caledonian Canal

Loch Ness and Invergarry
Photo by Edie


  1. It looks like you had the best of times--while here it's been rainy and cold! I would most definitely count a Loch as one of the places I'd love to see in the coming years. Beautiful dreamy pictures!

  2. It looks perfect, fabulous photos.

  3. Welcome back!
    I thought about you this past week and really hoped the weather would be better in Scotland as it was overhere in Holland... In the pictures I do see some clouds but it looks lovely and peaceful! Hope you had a good and relaxing time.
    Glad you're back!

  4. This was one of the most relaxing, peaceful holidays we have ever taken. The scenery was stunning and the weather was warm and sunny with moments of torrential rain! The area is great for biking and walking so I am feeling rested, fitter and ready to get back to sewing!

  5. So glad to hear it...
    I look forward to your new designs and the wonderful stories on your blog.. I sure missed them!

  6. these snaps are anything but boring, they are absolutely gorgeous! as much as i hate the rainy weather it does make for some quite dramatic skies... glad to hear you had a wonderful and restful time too... :)
    emma x

  7. heavenly, Lois! I think we should think about doing a house trade some time...

  8. I just came across your lovely blog and etsy shop and I am so delighted! What a wealth of inspiration and beauty! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Hugs from Denmark!



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