Monday, 27 September 2010

And the Lampshade?

Looks like a beautiful, huge Lotus Blossom floating from above.

It is so perfect!


  1. So finally it doesn't look like a flying saucer! lol I agree with you, just perfect!!

  2. Looks beautiful Lois!
    Is your house back to normal again?

  3. Not sure my photo really shows how gorgeous it is. In fact if I could get it double the size, that would be even better.

    And, Marion, you were right we are still finding dust! Still have two rooms at the back of the flat to be sanded but I am putting that on hold for just now. I need a break from the world of interior design. It is exhausting!

  4. oooh, It is perfect, although I do agree that twice the size would look even more perfect!
    Adding it to my own wishlist just now... :)
    Emma x



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