Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Anthony Bourdain and Clogs

Well, I went to see the 'bad boy of cooking' at the Edinburgh Book Festival and I was quite disappointed. He was charming, good looking but not 'bad' at all. A few swear words now and then made him seem at best a little 'medium raw'. Unfortunately, for me, Anthony Bourdain came across as just another celebrity chef: the same celebrity chefs that he would/could/should have ridiculed and so used to despise. Oh, well, perhaps it is because he has turned his head to commenting on the world of fashion!

Boot Up by Louis Vuitton
I wore clogs when I cooked for the same reason so many cooks have faithfully worn them through the years: because, in spite of their hideousness, they are perfectly suited to the job. They are comfortable. They provide optimum and all-important back and arch support. They allow maximum air circulation while still providing protection against dropped knives, pans, spilled boiling liquids. Because of their ugliness, when it’s time to throw out one food-encrusted pair and buy another, there is no sentimental attachment. These days, I only wear my old kitchen clogs for (very) quick runs across the street for toilet paper or bagels. And I pray I’m not seen while doing it.
- Anthony Bourdain, New York Times Magazine
I would happily be seen in these. Gorgeous!


  1. I find AB irritating...he gives me the pip. A lot of chefs wear clogs, I believe.

  2. I read his first two books years ago when they first came out and when I read an excerpt of his new book I liked the sound of it. I only found out he had a tv series etc., when I went hear him talk about his new book. I had no idea. No, I wasn't impressed, in fact I was bored and I think he was too. No, I didn't buy his book!

  3. I read his first two books, which I found entertaining--only he didn't have much to say about the wait staff--of which, without, a restaurant would not be.

    I love clogs! They add inches to me!



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