Friday, 17 September 2010

A New Dress

As the designer, this is one of those dresses that I get very excited about as I can see so many ways to slightly change the dress and thus create a new look each time: front zip opening, shorter sleeves, wider sleeves, plunging neckline...

This version is made from a beautiful grey blue fine wool which has a thin yellow line running through it. In contrast to the very tailored look, I have left the edges of the sleeves and skirt unfinished. And of course, it has those mandatory pockets.

This dress was inspired by a wedding dress that I have just finished making. But more on that later...


  1. ...this is utterly beautiful. I love it. The lines are gorgeous!

  2. WoW! a Masterpiece! and this cool light gray is so beautiful!

  3. imaginative, classy and chic....I love that its based on an old wedding dress

  4. Thank you for the lovely feedback.

    Oh, it is not based on an old wedding dress but on a wedding dress that I designed many months ago and have just finished for someone here in Edinburgh who found me on Etsy. But, yes, inspiration definitely came from some old classics.

  5. beautiful details Lois. My favorite sleeve length too. Can't wait to see what the wedding dress looks like!

  6. This is a gorgeous dress... I like the fabric, the color, the drape, the lenght, it is all perfect! I can understand why you are excited about this dress. The photos are good too, they show the dress very well. Hope you have a nice weekend. We have rain and rain overhere.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comments.

    When I receive photos of the bride in her dress I will definitely post them.

    As you know, I struggle with my photos so thank you for the kind comment. The light was good yesterday - but getting less and less each day - and it managed to capture the softness, drape and subtle colour of this amazing fabric. And this was the only piece I could get!

    Have a lovely weekend! So far it is dry here but it is only 0830!



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