Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Perfect Shade

So, we are having some work done on our flat. We are removing the dark, orangey, chipped, scratched, stained yacht varnish from our Victorian floorboards and having them buffed and moisturised to a natural, light, creamy soft complexion.

So I went browsing to Moleta Munro and found a few things I would like to go with our flat's new facelift...

Love this Frank Pouffe by designer Donna Wilson. Think I may prefer the black and white version - I can't decide!

This Design House Stockholm cushion would be perfect. It is now on my want list.

And this gorgeous shade by Normann Copenhagen I did buy!

The ceilings in our flat are extremely high and this will hang down from the centre of our living room. Hopefully, this modern sculpture will be an interesting and tasteful contrast to our beautifully detailed corniced ceiling...or it may just look like a big flying saucer descending into our room. I'll let you know!


  1. Love the Donna Wilson pouffe, I have a pair of her Staffordshire Dogs on my Christmas wish list.

  2. Must go and have a look at the dogs. Like her 'blah blah' pillow too.

  3. How exciting… changes around the house!
    The lamp is very beautiful and original, very big too but since your ceiling is very high that will be just fine. Have fun!

  4. Oh, this sounds absolute fab! Can't wait to see some after pics! Love the little pouf and black and white seems to be great!
    High ceilings are a dream and almost everything looks btter in such rooms!

    Enjoy your weekend!




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