Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A very big thank you to Karen Jinks for featuring me on the makers-online.co.uk community blog.

Karen asked me if I would answer a few questions regarding handmade versus the high street. I thought my feedback was going to be used to help write a larger article on the subject. So I was very surprised and delighted to see this feature on 13threads this morning!

Thank you so much.


  1. great article! and you are right on the mark with all your points about handmade versus the high street... i'm also hoping the 'handmade' label will endure as a mark of quality and not just the latest trend... hopefully there are enough of us out there making sure that it will!
    emma x

  2. Well...wonderful Lois, this is all very exciting!
    Yes indeed lets hope handmade will not become an empty meaning... make sure quality and craftmanship prevails. Hope this article will make you famous...

  3. You are both very kind and managed to say what I was trying to say, but only so much better! Thank you.



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