Monday, 18 October 2010

Hebridean Wool and Plaid

So, some of the things I achieved last week by sitting on my derriere.
Another jacket but this time in a Hebridean wool.

It is a beautiful herringbone tweed in a mixture of navy blue and green

and is worn here with my draped collar zip front dress.

And I finished this little tunic dress in a brown wool plaid.

And in this photo I moved!


  1. I'm gushing again--this is gorgeous work of the highest order! Just let me win the lotto!!!

  2. In one word beautiful... especially the new jacket really suits you well it is gorgeous on you!
    This must have been such a very satisfying working week for you Lois!

  3. I love all your new things. Especially that plaid jacket you showed a few days ago! So cool with the arm pleads.
    You are so masterful!


  4. Thank you both. Yes, last week was a good sewing week and very different from how normally work. I had no custom orders to fullfil so I began the beginning of the week knowing what I wanted to make, had all my pieces cut as I already have these patterns created and just sat sewing. And I think a little less time staring at the computer helped!!



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