Friday, 22 October 2010

If I Jump Off A Bridge, Will You Follow Me

PLO terrorist at Munich Olympics, 1972

A few months ago I was involved in a photo shoot with the visual artist and photographer Lindsay Perth. This new work created by Lindsay called 'Disruption Series' was part of a group show titled 'If I Jump Off A Bridge, Will You Follow Me' and was shown during the Edinburgh Arts Festival in August.

attempted assassination of President Reagan, 1981
‘The Disruptions Series’, explores 5 violent or aggressive historical events which were documented photographically, and in some cases, creating iconic images which represent an era or event.
Lee Harvey Oswald shooting, 1963

My reconstructions have aimed to question how we understand gender types and male/female ‘characters’ in documentary photography. The original documentary photographs are all male-centric, that is there are only men in the frame and at the focus of the violence or aggression. In my reconstructions the characters are all women.
Robert Cappa's Fallen Soldier
In our patriarchal society male and female typecasting is commonplace but I would say challenged individually and not collectively. ‘The Disruption Series’ aim to rework our memory of these iconic images and ‘disrupt’ our ideas of violence and male/female stereotyping in society.
-Lindsay Perth
attempted assassination of Pope John Pauls, 1981

In the exhibition, these photographs were all in black and white.


  1. This is amazing to see! For it is not uncommon to see pictured violence concerning women, but it mainly has private Character.
    The last picture is reminding me on a Pieta.

  2. What a concept. Such images are powerful reminder of all the violence out there!
    And how often we try to forget and deny those things in our every day lives!
    Not quite related, but to some degree: I just finished reading 'Mountains beyond Mountains' by Tracy Kidder. It tells the true story of Dr. Paul Farmer, who went in the 80's to Haiti and has been working through violence and extreme poverty since then.




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