Friday, 1 October 2010

Open Studio

The weather is dreich and not looking any better for the weekend. So if you are in Edinburgh and looking for a place to go where it is dry and warm, our friend Paul is having an open day at his studio.

Patriothall Studios Open Day 2 & 3 October

But if you can't make that, then maybe you can catch his solo exhibition at the Scottish Arts Club. And for those just a wee bit further away, you can see some of Paul's beautiful work on his updated website.

Rain Window

Whatever your plans for the weekend, I wish you a good one.


  1. Rainy weekend means to have some more time to read blogs, not so bad weather means to cut tons of ivy in the garden......have a nice one too.

  2. We are having the same weather, and if it weren't for the planned photo-shoot with my niece, I'd hop on a plane and go to Paul's open studio--I love seeing the artist in the flesh! It makes their work even more magical.

  3. Same weather here too, the ocean is big and the wind is strong. A perfect weather for wandering on the blogs!

  4. After a week of rain here finally sunshine....but I still would not mind stopping by in Edinburgh! Your friends work looks great. will check out his website!
    Happy weekend, stay warm!

  5. Dawn, I can't believe you not only have the most stunning model ever but she works weekends too?!

    Weather turned out to be not as bad as predicted!

  6. Believe it or not, the weather in Holland is very nice and warm today. Walking the dogs and working in the garden is what I did. But thanks for the tip, you mentioned Paul's work before, it is beautiful. I like the geometric black and yellow painting on his website the best. And I would love to see more.

  7. must be the jet stream as far as the weather goes-- i do wish i could make it to see paul's work in person--but will go and check on his work on his website.. :)



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