Saturday, 16 October 2010

Trivial Stuff

But seriously, doing nothing but sitting on my derriere sewing every day while still munching croissants, drinking wine and generally eating too much to ward off whatever blues the lack of sun can bring is beginning to affect my wardrobe. A very large pile of clothes that 'have shrunk in the wash' is taking over!

I know, I could eat and drink a little less and perhaps think about exercising more...(please note that this implies, wrongly, that I already do some!)
But it's finding the time to fit it in to my sedentary sewing day.

(image via swissmiss)

But this may be just what I'm looking for. A workout where I don't have to change into any gear: I get to keep my frock on and not move a muscle. Thus saving me lots of time and energy to get back to sewing.


  1. Lois, I so sympathize with you! I've had to resort to eating less...only it's not easy when the deficit of sunshine forces me to look for my vitamins in chocolate and other things!

    I did take up yoga :-D

  2. Oh, sounds like me, I have a friend whit whom I do yoga together, if it would not for her presence and mine for her, we would be stranded....
    and even this gets kicked to the back burner once in a while.
    But it's not nearly enough. I read woman should have one full hour/day of exercise. Impossible in my life. I try to be good when it comes to eating, but...I sympathize with all your trials and efforts ; ) (!)
    If I would live around you I would come and knock on your door and pull you out for a blistery walk along the castle walls!!!!

    PS: I recently saw this belt you can wear and it activates your midriff muscles, so you do not have to do a thing and it trims you anyway....LOL!

    Victoria- enjoy the weekend, Lois!

  3. Such a machine would be great indeed (I just ate a crepe beurre-sucre for tea)! And go sitting back at my bench :)

  4. Oh no....I just had to sort out my favorite jeans ! It´s a small bit consolatory that its not only me...
    ...yes it´s true, the cold season makes us eat more..(like bears), unfortunately we do not deplete during winter sleep!

  5. Ah, there’s nothing like hittin’ the gym in your Sunday best.
    Hope everybody has a lovely weekend!

  6. oh how I feel your pain. I am having the same dilemma... my work take so much time, I have a hard time taking a break and going for a walk or playing with my dogs. I love what I do, but I wish there was either a little more time in the day or that it took a little less time to do what I do... Good luck!



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