Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A Vase, A Lamp and a Mortar and Pestle

I thought the Origami Clutch featured today on Design Milk was cool and then I saw these.

Vase no. 26 - inspired by the memory of drinking juice out of a bag

A4 Lamp - turn any A4 printed sheet into a lamp

Marble and Oak, Mortar and Pestle - it's just beautiful!

Designed by Itay Laniado, they can be found in his Etsy shop designgroup


  1. I'm tempted to to buy a tyvek bag.....why is it that every one in Edinborough has such dammed good taste.

  2. A little above my budget but the mortar and pestle is byond beautiful...

  3. this mortar and pestle is awesome!



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