Sunday, 3 October 2010

WaggyWalks and Winter Coats

On this wet Sunday morning my daughter took part in a sponsored walk in Glasgow to raise money for Dogs Trust.

Despite the dreadful weather, many were prepared, ready to walk and sporting their best winter coats.

Information about donating and sponsoring can be found at the Little Whisperer.


  1. I so wish we could have participated!!

  2. I pet a dog today. Well, he positioned himself beneath my hand, so I pet him...what a soft and wonderful coat he had!

  3. Who can resist these guys! I did a similar walk this summer in Portland as a volunteer. My job, lucky me, was to walk at the end and scoop poop... ;)

  4. I probably should have stated that we don't even have a dog. Yes, we were the only people there with no dog to walk and so far my daughter has raised £85.

  5. Your daughter is the best Lois! Raising so much money and all for a good cause.
    Can I ask why do you think, instead of taking your own dog, the pound doesn't let their dogs parade around the street so people would see what a nice dogs are inside pounds? And the dogs would have a great afternoon too!

  6. Yes she is quite dedicated and has raised a lot of money and awareness for DogsTrust over the years.

    Most of the dogs on the walk were DogsTrust dogs who were being walked by a sponsor or volunteer dog walker and former DogsTrust dogs who were there with their new families and sporting their yellow DogsTrust kerchiefs around their neck. Unfortunately, my daughter can't walk or touch Jacob, the dog that she sponsors, as he is frightened of children and shadows. On a visit once, we had to watch him eat and play with the gifts we had brought him through the window into his room. Some of their stories are so sad but they all seemed to be having fun on their long walk.

  7. O.K. sorry I misunderstood... Oh boy so much sadness... poor Jacob...



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