Monday, 25 October 2010

We Source. You Design.

Founded by Summer Rayne Oakes and Benita Singh, aims to make sustainable design possible by making it easy for 'fashion designers to use [and source] more ecologically and socially friendly textiles.' (The Observer, Magazine)

I like the sound of this!

This singular textile from Sonic Fabric is woven from 50% recorded audiocassette tape and 50% polyester thread. The result is not only strikingly beautiful and durable, it is also audible. The sounds contained in the weave can be revealed by drawing a tape head over its surface.
Every batch of Sonic Fabric is recorded with an intricate collage of sound prior to weaving. The fabric is then woven at a family-run textile mill in New England. It has the texture and feel of a light canvas with a mysterious sheen.
Recordings of the music woven into the fabric are available upon request.

Origin: USA
Material: Reclaimed


  1. This sounds all very interesting and the fabric is striking but you lost me on the audible part...
    I find that hard to believe?



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