Monday, 22 November 2010

J'aime mon Carré!

But not just any scarf, a Hermès silk scarf!

Setting up East at Rochelle School of Art for a few days, before moving West to Ledbury Road, the 'J'aime mon Carré! I Love My Scarf!' pop-up in London is a scarf-tying masterclass that pledges to make today's new generation of style kids dexterously good at tying their Hermès scarves. Through a series of photo-styling sessions, visitors get the chance to play around with scarves and be snapped for the website in their newly styled creations.

For some inspiration and a closer look at some of these beautiful scarves, you need go no further than look at fabriquefantastique's collection.

Jan aime ses carrés beaucoup!

Me, too! It is an incredible collection.


  1. What a great collection! How cool can this elegant accessory be.

  2. Thank you so much...yes I get a lot of pleasure from these. I now plan to start photographing my Jacqmar collection...hopefully this week.

  3. Wow, a beautiful collection. I love scarves on other people but I never seem to know how to 'arrange' them correctly. Maybe I should sign up for the course - although I am, unfortunately, not 'the new generaton of style kids' by a long way!

  4. Lovely scarves ... looking forward to seeing the other collection

  5. Oui oui. That is a fabulous collection. (ashamed to say I don't own a single silky scarf).

  6. These are beautiful scarves! It never added up to own one myself, but maybe one day...

    Getting' ready for turkey day!

    xx Victoria

  7. I admit that till recently I was still looking at them as an accessories for petite madame, the parisian chic housewife...I don't have any of those. Ok it's a style question and how you tie it I guess ;)



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