Thursday, 30 December 2010


Things I've liked, things I've learned, things I will always remember

...Sylvain Chomet's The Illusionist was perfect and I so wanted the George Clooney in Italy film to be the best but The Kids are All Right had me laughing out loud and looking forward to seeing it again (without missing the beginning next time.)

...listening to the Dixie Chicks whilst ironing helps.

...Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson - I may have read this book in 2009 but still there with me as the best in 2010.

...Nigella's Mexican Lasagne should be wrong for so many cross cultural foodie reasons but it is so, so good!

...SheldonCooper hearted me on Etsy!!

...Hunter Wellies - now the people of Edinburgh's first footwear of choice - yes, I finally got a pair and now wonder how I ever lived without them.

...buying a Madeleine tray and making fresh Madeleines every day for breakfast because your friend Madeleine has moved to Paris.

...cycling 20kms alongside Loch Lochy with my 12 year old son in torrential freezing rain was the best day out. He disagrees!

...embraced red lipstick! 9 year old daughter had her hair cut for the very first time, ever.

...eating a fresh Madeleine (or three!) for breakfast every day can make your party frocks feel awful tight at this time of the year.

...realised I love writing my blog and that this will be my 257th post

...and you can get sick of fresh Madeleines for breakfast every day.



  1. I must see the last Sylvain Chomet 's film!! I know I should...I understand your passion for madeleines :) for the other references, I'm going to check them ;)

  2. look forward to post 300...not far away

  3. I loved this and I had to check out who Sheldon Cooper is and how I could get him to heart me, too--sadly he won't! :-) I was thinking about getting wellies too, over the whole year, because it is so wet here in the Sunny Rhine Valley, and I love madeleines so much I won't eat them! I love your revelations--and Kenneth Fowler, who are you to say this is smug? (hopefully a dear and close relative who is just joking in an ironical manner).

  4. Dawn, you always make me smile! Thank you so, so much.
    I do know Kenneth and I was hurt and sad that this was how he chose to get in touch. However, it is a new year, a fresh year and once I figure out how to do it, I have decided to delete his comment.

    (Oh, I know it is not 'the' Sheldon Cooper but still...)



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