Friday, 10 December 2010

Am I the only Person in Edinburgh

not to have a pair of these?

But it is not from want of trying!
Last night my friend, showing true friendship, did all but wrestle a poor unsuspecting Spanish tourist, who happened to be trying on the last pair in my size, to the ground. Thrusting the wellies at her husband, the lucky lady bought the last pair and we left slightly frazzled and disappointed.

But the quest for a pair of Hunter Wellingtons in matte black (tall) size 6 continues...


  1. Just this morning I considered a pair of these wellies...check it out, they might be also what you like, they come from a source in Denmark, perhaps you can get them on your side of the pond???

  2. This is the correct address to the shop:

  3. Nope! My man doesn't have any either despite ordering a pair over a week ago... still stuck in Birmingham apparently!
    Good luck in your search, hopefully you won't have to wrestle anyone else for a pair... ;)
    Emma, x

  4. Oh my... how do you get around without them? This melting snow is the pitts for your shoes! Hope you'll find them soon! Have a very good weekend!

  5. I have a knock-off brand (exactly the same without the Hunter label) that I found at DSW and I wear them every time it rains! In fact, I look forward to the rain so I can wear these! You'll love them! Here's to hoping your quest is short-lived!



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