Thursday, 9 December 2010

From His Hands to Our Hearts

Yesterday in her lovely blog post 'from my hands to yours', Lotta encourages us to give handmade this festive season.

Yesterday, our friend (and neighbour) Kenny, arrived at our door with one of the best handmade gifts you would ever want to receive: 6 jars of his handmade tomato pasta sauce.

I would just like to add (for the record) that Kenny stated that this was the 'first of our gifts.' Eagerly anticipating what the others could be: some of his delicious handmade pizzas or a truffle lasagne, perhaps some handmade pumpkin ravioli drizzled with a sage butter sauce, we can't wait for more of KT's handmade gifts.

Kenny, thank you!


  1. How fabulous to have such a generous neighbour! Oh, and I love his labels... :) How does it taste, does he sell his stuff around town? I absolutely love tomato pasta sauces and Italaian food in general (as long as there is no cheese)... :)

    As for my neighbours, I'm lucky if I get a smile and a hello... :(

    Did you notice it's above freezing today!?!? Yay!
    Emma, x

  2. Emma, Kenny's food is so delicious that eating Italian food out is always a disappointment because it is never as good as Kenny's. And, no, he doesn't sell any of his food but he should.
    And I don't want the snow to melt!

  3. Hehe, the snow and ice is definitely melting away today... not ot worry though I'm prety sure there will be much more to come over the next couple of months... :)



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