Tuesday, 7 December 2010

with lots of soft light and focus!

This week I have been making hats. 

I would describe them as a little bit beret, a little bit cloche and definitely turban inspired. They are made from Harris Tweed, Hebridean Tweeds and various wool fabrics. All are lined with different Liberty of London cottons.

I hope to start listing them in my shop this week.


  1. Great! I would say an "Urban Turban"
    ..between hat and cap, very chic!

  2. Lois you amaze me... have you ever made hats before? These are so very nice... and on you they are fantastic! (they even make you smile)

  3. 'Urban Turban' I like!

    I have attempted to make hats a few times but never managed to get anything I was really happy with. But I like this one and I have to admit it took five creations last week to get it right. The snow falling outside my window kept me focused on my need for a warm hat. And yes look, a smile! I was actually having fun doing this (And I'm very grateful for the soft focus setting on my camera!)

  4. Lois! I LOVE it! Just adorable! You wear it well, my friend!

  5. 'Urban Turban' a great name for a really grat hat!
    (the info comment was me, something went wrong there) Still a fairy landscape here in Holland, frozen fog on the trees... all is white

  6. Thank you all for the positive feedback. I am really enjoying making them.

    Still white here - beautiful but freezing temperatures have turned the streets and roads into an ice rink so travelling is restricted which is causing problems.

  7. You are so beautiful, and so is your hat! I can't wait to see these in your shop--I love the turban inspiration.

  8. Dawn, it's because I took your advice:

    "It's not so easy to get good shots--but here's one for you novices (just like me): if you have good light from a window toward the side, look in that direction and it erases your wrinkles (so that the viewer can concentrate on the composition and item) :-DDD"

    Worked wonders! Thank you.



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