Thursday, 16 December 2010

'The whole point about flowers is that they die'

But it's not only delicious pasta sauce and other tasty delights that Kenny makes. Kenny is also a photographer and a film maker and one of his latest works was a short documentary to accompany the artist Brent Miller's exhibition 'The whole point about flowers is that they die' at the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh.



Not only is Brent's work so beautifully photographed by Kenny, the film offers a glimpse into Brent's inspirations, his techniques and his home. And, most importantly, captures a lovely friendship.


  1. So we appreciate them while they last.... this goes for everything, friendships, friends,family, gardens, life.....
    Love this post!
    Come on over,if you can spare the time! I have a give away!
    This time in the Interior Design section...


  2. beautiful art. The words sound a bit harsh at first but it is true - things (flowers) come and go. thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely film and beautiful art!
    An intimite portrait not only about the painter but the filmer's presence is also felt ...
    Did you see the collection of pitchers in the house? That could be my mine!



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