Saturday, 22 January 2011

But I Don't Have A Cape

So before I can grab my cape and have fun, I need to find one.
Although Ruth over at Two Hippos has found a few lovely vintage patterns for making capes, I do believe that any one of these would do the job of making me look super stylish...


  1. I need one too, Lois. The choices you show are diverse--I love them all!

  2. Capes are going to be, or are already the thing to have these days?
    Anyhow... this is a great collection, like the first (thanks) and the black pregnant looking cape the best.

  3. I just found reading your post that I needed just one! I've bought a vintage pattern right away :D

  4. I wore one in the seventies! checkered, combined with a mini skirt and overknee stockings! uuhhh
    The first one looks amazing!

  5. Yes, they are very different! I love the first image but I do like the Sonia Rykiel but only if I get to wear the hat too...
    Would love to see a photo Viktoria...
    And Lucie now the decision - a long one or a short one?!

  6. What a lovely collection! Love the Sonia Rykiel!! The whole look is fab!



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