Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cecilia Sorensen's Sketchbooks

I'm a little bit 'under the weather' at the moment, I am in bed ill with another horrible cold/flu bug, so I am taking it easy by looking through some old sketchbooks looking for inspiration. And I think have found some on the pages of Cecilia Sorensen's sketchbook: I love her miniature mockups.


  1. How terrible; sick again! Hope you are getting to feel better soon…

    When I look at the pictures I can see why you are inspired, what a sweet little mockups! (by the way, what a nice word!)

  2. I hope you're up and about soon Lois! At least you're spending your enforced R&R productivly!

  3. Let me bring you a cup of hot tea, Lois! And, as always, you inspire in your blog, even when you are feeling down. I love this era of fashion you have shown with Sorensen's work. Going to go take a closer look...

  4. Get well soon!
    Lovely to see where Sorensen's inspiration is coming from (and yours)!

  5. Oh, get better soon!
    Warm herb tea and some soup, hmmm?
    Love those sketches and small dress models! Very inspiring!

    xoxo V.

  6. I hope you'll be better soon, Lois! Very interesting these sketchbooks, I'm going to have a closer look too, thanks

  7. Thank you so much. I am feeling slightly better today. Have a great weekend x



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