Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Inspirational Designers - Yohji Yamamoto

Love, love, love...

Yohji Yamamoto has been always considered as one of the most charismatic, enigmatic and mysterious fashion designers. His words have the reputation to be radical, yet subtle.

'Here are some thoughts on vision. There is not much to the act of developing a project. The important part of a creative endeavour begins with an act of concentrated seeing, focused looking. Creativity will not flow from intellectual manipulations'.
-Yohji Yamamoto in My Dear Bomb

Yohji Yamamoto's clothes are all made in Japan
...and often pieces are finished by hand as part of a cottage industry keeping alive the arts and crafts of the country's traditional textiles business. It is about as far away from industrialised fast fashion as is possible to be.

(images from Spring 2011 collection)

An exhibition of his work begins on 12th March until 10 July 2011 at the V&A, London.

And you can follow the evolution and the behind the scene processes of this exhibition on the curator Ligaya Salazar's blog.

I was fortunate enough to get to see his incredible exhibition in Paris a few years ago but this exhibition in London will be the first time his menswear will be included in the display. I can't wait!


  1. I´m totally blown away! His fashion looks wearable despite being artful and sculptural!
    ..and Btw the designer also looks great!
    Will you be in London to see the show?...lucky you!

  2. A great designer who not only designs beautiful clothing but also has very conscious thoughts about the fashion industry.

    A few years ago I went once to a fashion exhibition of Victor and Rolf in the Groninger museum, that was pretty neat!

  3. Yes, Viktoria, I don't think I can miss this. I was supposed to go to London just before Christmas but I had to cancel due to bad weather - this trip would definitely make up for the previous disappointment.

    Marion, I would love to see a Viktor and Rolf exhibition! I visited their store in Milan and it was crazy - the decor was upside down!

  4. I remember seeing Wim Wenders film on Yohji Yamamoto, "Notebook on Cities and Clothes". Fascinating! I love japanese designers. Thanks for sharing this, Lois. Wish I could just fly right over and see the exhibition!



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