Friday, 4 February 2011

It's Friday...

Have a great weekend x


  1. Clue me in....a game to the show? I know it runs on TV, but I hardly watch... Maybe I should give it a try?
    Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Victoria,

    It's a dressing up game: you get to choose 'you', hair colour, dress, suit, accessories and backdrop. Bored by the horrendous weather we are having which has kept us all huddled inside around the fire, this appealed and kept me amused for a while! I was tempted to post all my MadMen scenarios, my favourite being the red haired, smoking, coffee drinking, accordion playing air steward, but fortunately for all I got bored and didn't. Have a lovely weekend - hope your weather is better than ours x

  3. I ended up at a very blue swimming pool in a very ugly dress and glasses but thank god with a martini in my hand!
    The storm is finely winding down I think. The weather was just unbelievable in the last 2 days... Have a good weekend Lois!



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