Thursday, 3 February 2011

Just A Lightbulb

Today on scandinavian chic, they ask
Chic or Shit - Hanging Lightbulbs?

What do you think about the trend? Perfect raw industrialism? Just a lightbulb? Does it provide extra interest to the room or just a nasty, unflattering light?
Since we have many bare hanging lightbulbs in our house (we haven't got around to getting that perfect shade for all our lights yet), I would have to say they look tres chic. And especially if they look like this (which ours don't).

Lamp/Lamp by Hiranoi Tsuboi


  1. Our home is also awaiting just the perfect fitting, although we did find the 'right' fitting for the sitting room and brought it home on Monday. Just needs to make its way from the box to instillation!

  2. I often have to smile about the chic or shit questionnaire...
    This is a fun one, sometimes I like it, but not in my house, it doesn't fit there. But some hip young home, perhaps in a work space or over a kitchen table, clustered...perfect!



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