Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Orange Tweed and Abstract Chiffon

Taking advantage of this morning's soft sunlight, I draped myself in some beautiful silk chiffon and took a photo of this lovely orange hat. The hat is made from Hebridean Tweed and the abstract grey silk chiffon is a sample...and I am awaiting eagerly, the delivery of another fifteen metres. 


  1. The fabric is gorgeous! ..just like the hat!
    I´m curious what you will make of this !

  2. Thank you Viktoria. The fabric is truly stunning and I'm not exactly sure what I will make. I have been sketching some new ideas - dresses - but I will need to try them out before I cut up this beautiful chiffon so it may be some time before I have anything ready.

  3. ...the model is lovely, just like the hat and fabric! I love the expression on your face!

  4. Oh Dawn, this is the best of a really bad bunch. I either look like I have just found something very distasteful or I have just had a big surprise and not a pleasant one! And you know, I don't think I'm nearly as stern or as grumpy as these photos suggest!! Where's your young, beautiful niece when I need her?

  5. The hat...the model...beautiful! Could have used that today in Dallas, as it was 19 degrees!!



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