Saturday, 12 February 2011

Uniform Days

I know, not a new design! Honestly, I am working on some new pieces but I just thought that while I agonise over the shape of a sleeve, the best finish for a seam and the exact placement of a button, I would recreate the dress that has become my uniform of sorts.

Comfy, simple with a slight structured appeal created by the crisp cotton poplin, this dress in black, I wear almost every day while I pin, cut and stitch...cook, clean, shop, do the washing, drop kids at school...


  1. You already won me over with your gorgeous workmanship, but this dress has me lusting! I love the black one, and this turquoise with the orange stockings is out-of-this-world! You are right up there with Haut Nouveau!!!

  2. very elegant every days dress! and looks so comfortable!

  3. I love the tried and true! When you hit upon a great design it doesn't make sense to move on and leave it in the dust. What I want to know is, is that SUNSHINE pouring in through your window??

  4. Yes, glorious soft sunlight. It lasted just an hour but it brought hope - that good weather may be here soon!

  5. Good weather and beautiful colors... that's what we need!
    This dress is one of my favorites; the blue is so nice...



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