Thursday, 31 March 2011

Inspirational Photographer - Lillian Bassman

Often described as 'experimental, romantic visions', Lillian Bassman's work 'flirts with abstraction and conjures up a sensuous dream world.' - Photography Collection

Before the days of Photoshop, Lillian Bassman using the dark room techniques of blurring and bleaching, turned her fashion photographs into these beautiful works of art.

Many of these images appeared in Harper's Bazaar from 1940's through to the 1960's.

The clothes have a structured beauty; the gloves are mandatory; the necks are long. Elegant men with cigarettes between their fingers occasionally enter the frame, encountering women who appear utterly indifferent to their attention. The perversions of inequality are absent; what appears instead is the glamour of a protracted cultural moment in which women were free from any expectation of sexual pursuit. The power of Ms. Bassman’s photographs is the power of a woman who is never moved to make a call.
- Femininity Salvaged


  1. wow! you first see just the beauty, then it´s so full of independence!
    amazing photographer!!

  2. What absolutely beautiful images! I have never heard of her! I love learning so many incredible things....Thank you!

  3. She is very old but still alive!
    Amazing to read she met her future husband when she was 6 and he was 9! It was a realationship of 77 years... "he never bored me" was what she said about that...

    I always find it so weird that one does not miss color at all in these fashion photos.



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