Saturday, 5 March 2011

'It's about the jewelry...'

Or is it?

Paolozzi sculptures displaying the jewellery of the early peoples of Scotland in the National Museum of Scotland

Idea completely inspired and pinched! from The Jewelry Story's wonderful and amusing tumblr series.


  1. this is so funny, I was just reading a blog that was discussing photographing jewelry and how NOT to distract from the work itself!

  2. After a hard days work in the garden, it is so nice to get a reward in the form of a wonderful post about jewelry, thank you Lois!

  3. Too tired to speak decent English ... "in the form" of must be "by way of" isn't it?

  4. Betsy, I love synchronicity!

    And both sound fine, Marion. How lovely to be outside all day. Not so nice here yesterday but today, despite a chilly wind, it has been sunny and uplifting. Spring feels like it is maybe on its way.



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