Wednesday, 9 March 2011

No Spring Flowers Yet!

I was actually going to work on some new lighter, perhaps flowery dress designs today but since I was awoken in the early hours of the morning by the howling wind and a snow blizzard, I thought I would stick to jackets and coats instead.

Still in the experimental stage, this lighter jacket has that familiar shape but instead of being made from wool, it is made from cotton poplin. The body is created from a double layer of fabric, has an interesting fold detail at the bust and a detachable inner collar made from cotton voile. The edges are all serged.

Please click on photos for a closer look

Just a few changes and I will be able to list this in my shop as a 'made to order' available in two sizes. Perhaps, 'my size' and a 'wee bit bigger'! I think this may become one of my favourite pieces.


  1. This a gorgeous jacket! I love all the wrapping and folding effect :D

  2. That fold detail at the bust is that extra little detail that makes this stand out from the crowd. Lovely, Lois!!

  3. Thank you for the kind and positive feedback. Unfortunately, my serger machine didn't like what I was trying to do so the edges of this jacket aren't exactly how I would like them to look so this jacket will remain a sample. But, fortunately, it is in 'my size'...

  4. This is lovely Lois! Can't wait to see it in the shop. Also eager to find out more about the flowery dresses.

  5. This shorter jacket is a beautiful addition to the other longer designs in your shop.
    So sorry about the howling wind and snow, no spring yet!

  6. So very pretty! Love the work on the arms and collar!
    Here a cool but at least sunny March day!

  7. Outstanding! great idea to make this out of a lighter fabric too!
    love the voile collar!

  8. Fabulous sign of spring here either.

  9. The jacket has beautiful details! I love black, but I am also looking forward to some of your flowery designs!



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