Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Hotel Inntel, Zaandam

This is the Hotel Inntel Zaandam, a madcap fairytale of a building. In fact, this 12-storey structure is, for a while, hard to take in. It looks like a trick, a conjuring act, as if some maverick architect ran off to join the circus, and learned how to balance one building on top of another, possibly while riding a bike. It's a stupefying, funny, delightful building – a quirky addition to the skyline of Zaandam.
And it just makes you smile!

Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam

Designed by Wilfried van Winden, the building represents various examples of the Zaan regions traditional houses - all randomly stacked on top of each other. 'The Blue House' is a reference to Claude Monet's work which he painted while staying near Zaandam in 1871 and is the hotel's bridal suite.

Still taking inspiration from the local environment, but in contrast to the 'madcap fairytale' of the exterior, the interior of the hotel is simple, stylish and uncluttered with sepia toned wall images depicting the history of the area's industrial past.

A large biscuit in the ceiling of the bar reminds you of biscuit factory roots

and a glass wall between the bedroom and the bathroom brings some of the outside's quirkiness back indoors.

We had a lovely, luxurious stay in both our little houses! Due to noise from an air conditioning vent we had to move rooms and to compensate, the hotel has offered us a free night's stay. So we will, definitely, be going back!


  1. Thanks for the pictures Lois, I always wondered how this amazing looking hotel looked from the inside.
    How wonderful they offered you a free stay!

  2. Thanks for having a look inside the hotel. I know it only from outside. The biscuit ceiling looks tasty....

  3. Definitely worth a visit! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lois! I love this! Looks like such fun!!
    The Hidden List

  5. The hotel is lovely. We had a suite on the top floor (I have two children) and this was the easiest and cheapest way for us to stay. The room really was like our own private house with a separate, comfortable sitting area, huge bathroom which had a jacuzzi bath and our own private sauna! We did not eat in the hotel so I cannot comment but there is a wonderful noodle/salad bar and a lovely coffee shop next door to the hotel. The area around the hotel is still being developed (a building site) but this didn't affect our stay.

    Just want to add that this hotel is more than just a novelty facade - ( I've been to Disneyland and Las Vegas)! And we all look forward to returning.



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