Friday, 15 April 2011

It's Friday,

it's the school holidays and it's dull and raining. But on the bright side, it's been a busy week with custom orders!

One idea in progress

Keeping with a Grecian style of neckline as requested, I have turned to the 1920's - 1930's for further inspiration. I like layering: layering of different lengths, different fabrics to create texture. Some soft tulle, some lace, perhaps some beading?

And the back? I love the back of dresses.

Two long ties follow the line of the low cut back, cross over the front pulling in the waist and then tie at the back.

This is just a mock up but, thankfully, my customer likes where it is going.

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Apologies for the posting errors! Having a difficult time formatting today.

  2. Lois, that is so beautiful! I love layering, too, it brings out many sides to the piece worn. Simply lovely!!

  3. The figure-flattering style it is wonderful! And because of the layering it looks like it is not only for slight model figures!

  4. Thank you Dawn. And you are spot on - it is so simple but the layers, hopefully, will add...something special!

    Hope you have a great weekend x

  5. And Viktoria you are right! This is actually a loose fitting dress which gets its shape from the ties pulled around the middle so can be adapted to fit many. And the low revealing top can easily be helped/disguised? by the underlying slip layer.

    I should add that this is for a very young, very beautiful woman who may not even need the slip underneath!!

  6. Beautiful! Seriously breathtaking. Flowing yet shapely. Elegant, graceful, modest. I clearly see, and am enamored of, your historical inspiration. I can't gush enough.

  7. Absolutely lovely. I love where you are going on your inspirational path!
    How long does it take to make such a dress?

    I hope the sun will shine soon again!
    Vacation began here too, kids are delighted to be off the leash...
    We are witnessing the creation of a new front to our house. This is exciting!

    Happy weekend, Lois!

  8. "A wave of fluidity will sweep the fashion world, drapping materials over the body for evening as well as daywear and inviting flowing crepes and voiles."

    This quote is what I red the other day on a fashion blog and came immediately to mind when I saw your beautiful mock up / dress!
    Simply beautiful Lois.

  9. Thank you for the lovely feedback. Hopefully, I will be able to get some photos of the finished dress.

    I love voile, Marion. This mock up is actually made out of cotton voile (I usually use muslin) as I think this may be my customer's choice of fabric too.

    And Victoria, once I have come up with a design I then make a toile like the one above. Then I either create my pattern from this and recreate another toile for fitting purposes or, as I did in this case, I did a fitting adjustment to this toile. Now I will take it apart, draw my pattern from this including all the adjustments and work out how I am going to construct the item and finish it. Usually I then create another toile with part finishing shown for a final fit before cutting fabric. So, a long process to get the pattern and fit but once that is done, for this dress, I will probably be able to put it together over a couple of days.

  10. I love this very much too. Just wonderful - as always.

  11. In love! I was just thinking this morning that one of my favorite periods of clothing design is the first quarter of the 20th century. This is so beautiful, I hope you continue along this line Lois!



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