Monday, 25 April 2011

Jewellery and Objects

...made from corrugated cardboard.

Paper is a beautiful, natural material with limitless possibilities for creativity. Its limited technical constraints have opened up a new personal sense of freedom in terms of design and making. Plus I enjoy the simple, slow handmade processes that are involved in working it.
Leaf Brooch
Bowl with Lid II

In this first collection of paper-work, I have layered strips of corrugated cardboard with PVA, creating bold, 3-dimensional blocks of colour and pattern. The flexible strips lend themselves to the exploration of curves, which I have incorporated within this new group of jewellery and small containers.
- Anne Finlay
Red Swirl Brooch
Neckpiece II
Blue Brooch

Anne Finlay
Paper Jewellery and Objects
The Scottish Gallery


  1. What a beautiful objects and jewelry this Anne Finlay makes ... It looks perfectly made too!
    Great find Lois, thanks!

  2. Anne Findlay was born in Wick, Scotland in 1953. A lot of her work is made from plastics. We managed to go see this exhibition of her work yesterday and it is, as you say, beautifully made.

  3. great Designer! I love to see this trivial material turning in something so beautiful and stylish!



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