Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Jewelry Story

...once upon a trip to San Francisco we brought back a new bag filled with books from the City Lights Bookstore.
...and once upon a trip to New York we brought back bagels.
But this time on a trip to Wijnjewoude, The Netherlands...
 The story opens....In a fairy-tale setting you see an unexpected glitter. As you come closer, you are happily surprised. A piece of jewelry. Pure, powerful and simple...
-the jewelry story

I brought back the most gorgeous gifts ever, my stunning necklace and ring from Marion and Jan's own truly beautiful jewelry story.


  1. You look so great in this picture--I love the sun-flooded look, and your golden locks!

  2. The jewelry is amazing and I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice. Unlike the rest of the UK (and everywhere else) Edinburgh is lying under a thick haar and so no sun and poor lighting.

    ...Dawn, I managed to grab a tiny ray of light that appeared and over exposed!!

  3. You look great with these "dutch" jewelry! You must feel happy to own these beautiful pieces.

  4. ...feel very happy and incredibly lucky not only to own Marion and Jan's beautiful work but also to have met them!

  5. Gorgeous pieces! So modern! Enjoy them!
    And a very Happy Easter to you all!

  6. Love!!
    The Hidden List



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