Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LOW Resolution

Three dimensional shape from the two dimensional world of pixels

Anrealage FW2011


  1. I love the last two the most, and the bizarre face masks just make this perfect!

  2. I agree, Dawn, the last two are absolutely stunning. However, may cause a lot eye rubbing as you walk down the street.
    Previous work is quite interesting too: lots of plastic and exaggerated puff sleeves creating angel wings. Apparently the stuffing and plastic can be removed thus making the clothes actually wearable when doing the school run or supermarket shopping!

  3. Stunning! I visited the link...what a crazy collection! so many ideas!

  4. Strange...

    The jacket/blouse in the last picture is very nice! The masks come in handy at bad faces days...

  5. Brilliant! I also prefer the last two, they are amazingly more subtle

  6. Sometimes my English... What I meant to say is: The masks can be useful for a bad face day... and also: I really like your new Banner!



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