Friday, 22 April 2011

Thank You!

A while back lucie tales and two hippos very kindly gave me a Stylish Blogging Award and a Liebster  Award.  In accepting these award I will now confess to seven things you probably don't know about me
I am a trained barista.          I like to listen to Glen Campbell on my ipod.   I used to sit next to a guy in university whose aunt was married to Gregory Peck.          I love to watch Murder She Wrote, Monk and Quincy on lazy, dark afternoons drinking hot chocolate with my daughter.            All the pieces listed in my shop are not completely finished as I like to leave a small detail that needs to be completed before posting the item to its new owner.             At the age of 45 I have just discovered a love for eyeliner  (and red lipstick but I think you knew that!) and I am still learning how to apply them.         I have no musical talent whatsoever.    
 and recommend a few 'stylish bloggers' you will hopefully enjoy reading as much as I do.

If the Shoe Fits

Thank you!


  1. Thank you!!!!!!! I discovered red lipstick and black eyliner at the age of 15 and still use it every day at the age of ..?

  2. Hee hee I have just discovered eyeline too (and am terrible at appyling it!) x

  3. No eyliner for me, I´m more the Kajal user...
    But I too love ritualized tv-series-watching with my daughter!
    Thanks for recommending my blog!!!

  4. congrats on your award and I am honoured to be on your "stylish bloggers" list. Thank you so much.

  5. Wowa! I have not been on your blog for one day and see what happens! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog on your "stylish bloggers" list! Also for the wonderful exposure you gave our jewelry in todays post, the necklace looks great on you Lois. And on your last revelation:
    I happen to have great musical talent!

  6. I'm honoured to be on your list of "stylish bloggers", what a lovely gesture!

    Just for fun - here's 7 things not commonly known about me:

    I once costumed a male strip show. A house-guest's dad was THE 'son of a preacher man'. I'm a butcher's daughter and a vegetarian. The best smile I ever did see belonged to a farmer on the border of China and Mongolia. I am a non-raving feminist. Dancing awakens my heart. My favourite food is chili tofu.

    Keep up the great work... and good luck with that eyeliner ;) mb

  7. I love this!! Glen Campbell? Boy, that brings back tons of memories! My brother loved Glen Campbell when he was little!
    The Hidden LIst



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