Saturday, 14 May 2011

Body Image, Cropping and A New Dress

Not sure I was considering all the 'variety of body shapes, proportions and age...into [my] design process' when I created this pretty little dress!

For me, and as the model, I would have to say that the designer failed to take into account that my arms haven't had a workout since my children were small enough to be picked up and hence a sleeve is preferred and that the unsupported halter neck top...again, 'since my children'...!

As the designer, I would just like to point out that although this may not suit all body types (or body images), this is still a gorgeous, flirty little dress.

Made from a very soft cotton fabric, the halter neck was inspired by a 1950's style dress and a 1930's vintage evening gown by Elsa Schiaparelli

And as the photographer and stylist, I find some creative cropping and a big chunky cover up work wonders!

Beautiful necklace and cuff adornments created by The Jewelry Story and LaTouchables


  1. Lovely summer dress and a very lovely (and honest) model. Lois how very brave of you to talk openly about those things… The new design long jacket in your shop is great too!
    And thank you for the link, the necklace goes very well with this dress...
    Hope you have a nice and relaxing Sunday

  2. Hope you understand that I did not use the word honest as in: I agree on all the body critique you gave yourself Lois! Reading over my comment it looks like I did use the word honest that way!
    I did not mean for it to sound like that at all, I only wanted to give a compliment about your frankness...

  3. Oh, Marion, this would all be so much easier if I had a model!

  4. I think you look always so beautiful as a model (and a person)!! Your designs looks fabulous on you! The necklace is great with the dress!!

  5. love the dress, sadly i couldn't wear it - looks great on you!

  6. Yes, I think you are the very best model to show your creations! It´s a brand already!
    The dress is gorgeous !

  7. You look smashing in this dress and in these photos, Lois. And you cannot imagine the huge smile on my face upons seeing your arms...they are beautiful! :-)

  8. As always, your kind and glowing feedback does wonders for my ego...and keeps me sewing!

    However, I do think me modelling my own clothes is beginning to limit my creativity as I am too aware and too critical of what I think looks good on me (or not good on me) instead of focusing on the clothes. Time for a change, I think.

  9. Yes, Dawn, thanks to your stunning cuff!

  10. Beautiful! Would work with so many different body types!



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