Sunday, 15 May 2011

Don't Forget A Jacket!

Putting body issues aside, the weather also plays a big part in my overall design considerations. It never, not really ever, gets scorching here on the East Coast of Scotland. Oh, don't get me wrong, we can and do get some glorious days, free of wind with a warming glow but the chance of a few clouds, a cooling breeze or a slight shower usually demands that a cardigan or a jacket be stuffed in your bag and a brolly be left in the car. So, as much as I love to dream up light, flimsy little Summer dresses that would look good worn on the terrace, at the beach or strolling around the market, I try not to forget a jacket.


  1. The tailoring of this jacket is so artful, classic and timeless--sigh!

  2. this is lovely, Lois. A really flattering cut...

  3. Oh boy... this is a very nice jacket.
    The Dutch climate for sure calls for a jacket like this too!

  4. Climate in Brittany calls for a jacket too! I love the style - it makes me think of the redingote - and this luminous grey is for sure a must have ;-)



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