Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dora Maar

At the moment I am reading Dora Maar with and without Picasso, A biography
Man Ray's photo of Dora Maar, 1936
Probably best known as Picasso's lover and muse for seven years, Dora Maar was actually a famous painter and photographer in her own right. 

Many of her fashion photographs incorporate surrealistic elements

and her nudes allude to a subtle eroticism.

In 1934 she travelled to Barcelona and London and 'her attraction to what might seem the antithesis of her fashion and avant-garde photographs', Dora Maar photographed 'the street life of modest and often impoverished people.'

This is as far as I have read in the book but with chapters titled Love Among The Surrealists, Love and War and After Picasso, Only God, I am truly captivated, inspired and can't wait to find out more about Dora Maar.


  1. I'm intrieged as well, and I appreciate this glimpse into her life--I especially like her street scenes!

  2. They are stunning photographs, must admit to not having heard of her until today.

  3. fascinating woman! ..the street shots are impressing!

  4. Mmmm… sounds like a good book Lois.
    I looked up a few of her photographs, they are beautiful, especially the pictures of women.

  5. The book is an ok read - a bit of a break from my Scandinavian crime fiction addiction - but is full of her amazing photographs and paintings.

  6. Sounds fascinating. so you think we can jump into this after Steig Larsson? :)

  7. I said this books has lots of nice pictures...

  8. Dora Maar is indeed talented!

  9. Stunning photography she made. Thanks so much for sharing, wouldn't have seen these photographs otherwise.



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