Saturday, 7 May 2011

ECA Fashion Show and A Familiar Face

With a 'salon style' format for a more up close and personal look, the Edinburgh College of Art presented their students' Fashion Show 2011.

Barbra Kolasinski
With a project titled All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, Year 2 presented one of the more interesting pieces. Taking into consideration the variety of body shapes, proportions, race and age in their design process, the students designed an outfit for a woman who to them represented 'diversity of image'. I'm afraid I can't find a photo but it was very touching to see the students walk hand-in-hand (perhaps just a wee bit too quickly) with their icons at the end of the show.

And of, course, the graduating students showed us their collections...and one of the them, the graduating student that is, we have seen before!

image via i-on Edinburgh
Felix Chabluk Smith's graduating collection was titled Kin and was the only menswear collection shown.
I aspire for my work to be worn by people other than models. The feel of the garment on the body is important - I always try my samples on myself and, if it looks fine but the fit feels odd, I'll change the design.
 - Felix Chabluk Smith 
After winning an internship with Burberry, he then spent 2 months with Nigel Cabourn designing the Japanese mainline collection and researching and sourcing vintage garments for their archive. I wonder if that was what he was doing when I snapped this photo of him last year at the Vintage Fair?

And, obviously Esquire magazine 'envied' him too because they put him on their Best Dressed Man list!

I would just like to point out that my photo of him appeared first!


  1. You are on the mark, Lois--and you got a candid photo of him, too...he does look fantastic, and I would love to see him design a women's lign, because it would obviously be comfortable, of which I am a big fan (of comfort). Oh--and I love his flair. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Line is ligne in French so it was almost right!
    Anyway ... thanks for the review Lois, hope you had a grand night! (or day)



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