Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Functional Aesthetics - The Cherrystone T-Shirt

The Cherrystone T-Shirt is based on an old principle of heating cushions filled with cherrystones to relieve pain through warmth.

Created by German lighting and furniture designer, Susanne Philippson, the t-shirt can be put in a microwave to heat up the stones and then worn to help relieve stomach pain.

(via Functional Aesthetics - Visions in Fashionable Technology by Sabine Seymour)


  1. thats an interesting site....must remember about the cherry stones, wonder if they would work on a back ache if I wore it back to front...

  2. How interesting... is this a modern twist to a hot water bottle?

  3. A must - have for me!
    What a great idea!



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