Thursday, 26 May 2011

How To...

My children are on school holiday, Douglas is in Norway, so feeling slightly frantic and overwhelmed over the work I am not getting done, I turned off my sewing machine, rolled up my patterns, cast my fabric to the pile in the corner and got down my box of forgotten yarn. And like 'two young ladies from times past' sat upon my bed, my daughter and I learned the traditional technique of 'pin weaving', passed down via the internet.

(And for those waiting and wondering, your dresses will be in the post tomorrow. Promise!)

(pin weaving how to via Creative Anchorage)


  1. that looks like a perfect mother and daughter time!

  2. Yes, something I think we both needed.

  3. It's beautiful, Lois! BTW, my mom, who won the Missouri State 4H championship in sewing at the age of 16 (a tailored women's fitted jacket with matching skirt--and got to fly to Las Vegas for the ceremony--something in those days, she got to parade the piece down a catwalk, showing off the cut on her tiny waist!) just loves your work. She has a critical eye, and she LOVES the lines of your creations!

    Sorry this comment is so long, but I think some things have to be said :-)

  4. This pin weaving "try out" looks beautiful and very promising!
    So now on to the smocking?
    And what a great story Dawn!

  5. Amazing story, Dawn! And I am absolutely thrilled to receive such high praise from such a talented seamstress. When I was sixteen, all my creations involved taking my existing clothes and cutting them up to make ill-fitting, badly finished disasters. Did your mum carry on with her sewing career?

  6. She ended up getting a university degree in literature! I don't know a better-read individual. But she has made some of the most beautiful clothes.



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