Tuesday, 17 May 2011

No Blogger,

no blogging, no reading blogs...

a new top, a new skirt and a chance to show off my new necklace from The Jewelry Story.


  1. When I inspected that skirt close up in the etsy site, I was amazed by the detail and beauty of it...well, I shouldn't be amazed, it's you, afterall, but still, it looks so fine, as does the blouse and your lovely long necklace!

  2. Thank you for the great feedback. Yes, I love the combination too - the necklace is just so incredibly gorgeous! And Dawn, you made me realise that I hadn't really described the skirt properly. It is slightly different and I wasn't sure how to explain it. But as you noticed it has one side, well a little more to the front than side, detailed seam and a back seam. Lots of gathers and pleats around the back and sides but a flat straight front to the skirt. Not sure that makes sense but when I get better light I will try and photograph the skirt better.

  3. It is always such a lovely surprise to see my jewelry worn by other people... it's like I see them for the first time... The blouse and skirt are great together, also the color combination with the necklace... really a beautiful image!

  4. I was so blown away by the great feature you gave my necklace that I forgot to thank you for it Lois…

  5. So feminine and fluid - can I say so in english? I love it!

  6. I am so pleased you like it. And Lucie, 'fluid' is a great word. This blouse and skirt does actually feel like that on - so soft, floaty, comfortable - fluid.

    It just amazes me that Blogger goes down for one day and I managed to get so much finished!



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