Tuesday, 10 May 2011

OMG that Dress!

Yesterday, Marion talked about inspiration and how sometimes it comes from the strangest sources: how a photo of the front of a building can suddenly become the idea for a new brooch, patina inspired and all. For me, most of the time, inspiration comes straight from the dress itself!

Madame Grès coat ca. 1935
Callot Soeurs evening coat ca. 1915
Balenciaga  ca. 1964
Comme des Garçons shirt ca. 1983
Alexander McQueen “No. 13” dress ca. 1999
Cristobal Balenciaga cocktail ensemble ca. 1945

dress ca. 1805-1810
Madame Grès dress ca. 1967
Thank you, Marion, for the link to this totally inspiring site


  1. Your finds are amazing!
    The first one especially, it reminds me a bit on the sufi dancers...
    Great design really has no expiration date!

  2. Woa Lois, you are very welcome, I hoped you could use the link. Those images are amazing, who would think some of them are over 50 yerads old? Favorites ... Madame Gres and the black Callot Soeurs. Thanks for all the links!

  3. Interesting, I think I could recognize your style behind the choices you've made, I don't know if I'm saying it right :-) let's try another way, knowing a little of your work I see those dresses through your glasses...does it make any sense?

  4. everything, fabulous. I guess my favs are the Cristobal Balenciaga and the Callot Soeurs. It's interesting to see how things really go around and come around.

  5. So many ideas and I agree, great design never dates...and Lucie, I am thrilled that you can see something of these classic pieces in my work as they are certainly a huge source of inspiration.



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