Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Words Used In Advertising

for boys' toys

for girls' toys

(Wordle via Information is Beautiful)


  1. The bad news is the word Power, the good word is the word Magic and not too clear but I do see the word Change…

  2. Well...I can identify with 'adventure', and delicious, world, grow, pets, choose (as in choice), and those are all girl words...but 'transform' (boy), that is a word I'll have to think, to evolve as a human being? :-)

  3. Nice idea...but it is probably more like, take this sweet little toy tractor and 'transform' it into a stealth, fire blasting, powerful special-forces ultimate action Autobot hero...!

    At least, according to the ads, the girls are supposed to have 'fun' with their toys!



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