Monday, 27 June 2011

I know It's Time To Take A Break

  • when checking Etsy is the first thing I do when I get up
  • when I am spending more time on Etsy, thinking about Etsy than...well, on anything really!
  • when I feel miserable because I lost some hearts...
  • when I start to worry about taking a break... 

Vacation Mode activated!


  1. Hi Lois, you and I are in the same boat. About the hearts, those might just be shops that have shut down.

    Breaks are great--life needs them.

    But if it helps to know--your shop was one of my very first hearted, and though my favorites are private, if I could rank them, you would be standing on the podium.

    Plus, this time of summer is slow. Having an etsy shop is still having a platform. Someone is going to discover you, remember you, and someday when their wallet is full...I think there is an unseen audience. We just have to believe that they are there.

  2. I'm with you guys. Been thinking the same thing myself... But it's much easier to be spending time with etsy then packing, hauling, setting up, standing around for 3 days, tearing down, and putting away stuff from a show. Not to mention the time away from the studio. That's how I see it. The trick is not to let what is or isn't happening on etsy determine your mood. But I know what you mean about the losing of hearts thing! Your shop was one of my early hearts too, Lois, it was the image of the black coat/dress sweeping up the staircase that first caught my eye!)

  3. Betsy, funny that you mention that, it was exactly that image. And then I noticed you were using exquisite tailoring, Lois. That hooked me. I'm so glad I got one of your hats.

  4. Haha, this is great!
    look at the 17. entry! :

    enjoy your break, lois!

  5. Thank you are what makes being part of Etsy worth it!

    I love that coat too which looks even more beautiful and dramatic when modelled by my gorgeous friend Maddi and photographed by my friend Kenny.

    I plan to spend the time away from Etsy enjoying the holidays with my children...and redesigning and creating some new pieces.

    And, of course, I will still be here...

  6. Well ... ladies, I am with you all the way...
    Yes Betsy doing a show is very laborious too and good Art shows are very expensive overhere.

    Lois you were my first favorite shop too, one of the first I loved for the very special designs ...

    I will go on a holliday next week and are going to activate my vacation mode one of these days too.

    Next week my blog too will stop for 10 days, so I wish you all a lovely summer!

  7. You gotta love vacation mode! With that said, I have a love/hate relationships with vacation mode - or out of office, as I use when I take time away from my 9 to 5. Coming back after holiday is not fun, as I experienced last week, but all in all...TOTALLY worth it!

    The Hidden List

  8. this post at exactly the perfect right you are



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