Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm Jealous Of...

Viktoria who has gone swimming with her pals

and Kelley who has gone to Paris with hers.

... of Jan who is just back from France and now on a small island in the Georgian Bay,

and Lotta who is heading east for a family beach holiday

...and I'm jealous of Erica whose vase is bigger than mine!

It must be time for a holiday!


  1. Oh Lois, you just filled me with envy coming out of my pores! You have such a beautiful vase, and I don't even have anything that looks like that! ;-)

    Actually, you are on an island, albeit a very large one...hey, I'll come pick you up in my helicopter and we'll speed over to Turkey or Crete!

  2. Yes, I know, my vase is very beautiful - all Erica's vases are beautiful!

    ...And Dawn, since this island is a wet, cold, grey one today, Turkey would be wonderful as I have never been...

  3. Oh, that is so funny!! Your peonies look bigger than mine!

  4. I agree Lois! I want some holidays too!!!! :D

  5. Due to the marvelous weather over here in The Netherlands it felt for the last weeks like a holiday…
    Hope everyone has a good time!

  6. And now you are on my list Marion...
    Without sounding the same old, same old...but it is really cold here!

    Lucie, pack your bags! Dawn has offered to pick us up and take us to Turkey...

  7. Turkey sounds good, it's a wonderful place to visit and the people are so nice. But, I have to opt for Georgian Bay. My mother's family has owned some islands there since the early 1900's and it's a heavenly place in the summer. Lois, believe me, you would love it...

  8. Betsy, it does sound amazing and I know I would love it!

  9. Oh, wow! I'm just catching up on all of my blog-reading and saw this! I wish you would have been with us! We had such fun! Hope you get to go on holiday soon!! XO!!
    The Hidden List



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