Friday, 24 June 2011

Looking Into The Past

There has been a lot of posting lately about Dear Photograph, a website created by Taylor Jones which in a similar fashion to Young Me, Now Me, encourages anyone to submit photographs connecting themselves to their past.

In 2009, Jasone Powell began his project of connecting the past to the present through this flickr group Looking Into The Past
Images are made by finding old photographs of places, printing them out, and then holding the print up in the modern day location that the original photograph was taken. So far, most of the historical images have been available for free at the Library of Congress.
Looking Into the Past: 16th Street NW, Washington, DC

Looking Into the Past: Mary Surratt House, Washington, DC

Looking Into the Past: Kenmore Dedication, Fredericksburg, VA

Looking Into the Past: Market Street, Leesburg, VA


  1. The ideas people come up with ... it's amazing!

    Have a good weekend Lois!

  2. The world is full of creative people! awesome idea!

  3. Somehow it makes the past not so alien.... Have a great weekend Lois!

  4. This is awesome, we once had an image of a house across the street were we used to live in Manhattan. The house used to belong to the Actors Guild and quite few of well known Broadway actors used to live there for certain times. This would be an interesting project to find out about it again!

  5. Our house would probably have a cow in a pasture where our front door stands. Fun post, and will have to take a look at the link...

    ...and now, get this--the word verification is 'cowsco'. I was right!



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