Wednesday, 1 June 2011

To Be Anne...

I got an email today from a tv production company here in the UK asking if I would be interested in taking part in a new craft series they are making for Channel 4 with a very well known tv presenter. The email stated that they had found me through my blog and was addressed to

Dear Anne,

So, before getting too excited (ok, I may have got just a wee bit flustered),  I sent a response

 I'm not Anne but...

and quickly established that they were indeed looking for Anne and not me!

At least they found something of interest on my blog. That's 'something', right?


  1. Aah... you're wise Lois - I don't know the english idiom for that, if I translate the french one, it says "to see the full part of the bottle and not the empty part"

  2. Is the glass half full or half empty?

    Yes, Lucie, on this occasion, seeing the glass half full rather than half empty is wise...and, perhaps, will stop me from crying...!!

  3. Ah bless you... that's stinky. Your work is stunning... maybe it will set thoughts rolling for the next series x

  4. Thanks Kathryn. Maybe the next series is staring at them from the pages of ideas, inspiration, kindness and support that are to be found in the blogging community. I'd watch!

  5. Ah, they are making a big mistake...hopefully they realize that soon or later! Your work is great!



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