Friday, 17 June 2011

Wearing The Sofa

Although these photos of my daughter were taken several years ago, I am posting them because not only is she flying off to Iceland today to spend some fabulous time with friends and I am going to miss her, these photos also show that you can indeed look stylish whilst 'wearing the sofa'.

I am fascinated with the intersection of home furnishings and fashion, the application of textiles and the associations of adornment, which fabrics and designs become upholstered headboards, loveseats or pillows, and which become dresses, blouses, coats and jackets. Over the last decade, home furnishings and clothing fabrics have raided each others wardrobes---swapping designs and textures, in the spirit of today’s design democracy where the structured rules of style have become increasing difficult to identify.

I am always on the look out for the perfect texture, colour and weight of fabric for a project, and sometimes that means raiding the labelled 'upholstery fabric' bin - which is where I found this perfectly gorgeous 'upholstery' fabric to make this little coat for my daughter.  
If the line ever truly existed between home furnishings and clothing, between sofa, curtain, pillow or jacket, dress, blouse and pants, it has been crossed and re-crossed many times. In today’s eco-conscious world of repurpose the line may fade away altogether. - Goddess of Curtains
So whilst it may be stylish to wear the sofa, perhaps matching the rest of the living room decor isn't!
(In my defence I only made the matching pouffe once her coat was too small to wear anymore!)

Sweetheart, missing you already x


  1. This is a wonderful looking little coat Lois and an even more beautiful looking daughter!

    She is much taller now is she?

    Do you know, no you don’t you are way too young, there was a time in the seventies, even men had coats and also shoulder bags made of sofa’s? Although now that I think about it, the fabric actually looked more like carpet…

    This Goddess of curtains is a great blog… thanks!

  2. I love the coat, so stylish - well the whole look is!

  3. It is a lovely coat and one which I have recreated over the years as she has got taller. The coat is based on a young child's 1950's coat and the 'upholstery' fabric exterior is fully lined with a Liberty of London blue patterned cord fabric (also very seventies!). I did have intentions of recreating this pattern to make a spring coat for women but it will have to be an autumn coat now.

    And carpet? - well it would be really warm. Old curtains are also great for making coats and little summer dresses too.

    I'm so glad you like the The Goddess of Curtains blog Marion because I do too. I received a lovely email from the author which brought her blog to my attention.

  4. I love this post, Lois! Your little girl looks directly out of Vogue in a turn-of-the-century 1900's shoot.

  5. I couldn't help but think about a spoof of Gone with the Wind on the Carol Burnett Show years ago where she tore the curtains off a window at Tara to make a dress. Not quite as nice as the coat on your darling daughter though!

  6. Your daughter looks so beautiful in this coat! Great pictures too!

  7. Lovely coat! Let's cross the lines! I have in my cupboard a delicious fabric which looks like a Morris wallpaper, I know one day I'll make myself a skirt out of it ;-)



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